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Technical Information

It is to be recognised that La Roche will be selling erven to individuals and that owners must take special care when preparing their building plans with regards to the existing natural ground levels and platforms on site. Special attention is drawn to height restrictions and the definition of ‘basement’ in designing the entry level for the house.  The buildings shall be set on cut-and-fill platforms as provided by the Developer, regulated to minimise the impact on the development in the natural environment.

Architectural Guidelines

The architecture of La Roche is primarily informed by the historic typology and rural character of the Cape Winelands settlements. The Cape Village architecture has a characteristic typology which is used as the basis for the designs. One of these is the use of low walls to connect houses and form a continuity of the street edge. Consistent with contemporary design requirements, larger glazed areas are incorporated so as to create indoor/outdoor fusion. Care should however be taken that the glazed areas do not dilute the value of the

typology of the Cape Winelands architecture to the point where the spirit of the Cape Village street scene is lost. Furthermore, from an aesthetic perspective, the design of each building should be considered in context of its impact, or potential impact, on adjoining buildings and in context of the surroundings as a whole. Unit Type D (Alternative), shown below,  is indicative only and has been designed to illustrate how a house could be built related to certain specific site conditions. Plans and elevations may vary accordingly.

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Erf Relevant Technical Information

Please click on an erf reference number below to view a pdf of the erf relevant topography and service connections.